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2014 - Ghost Tours at Ravalli County Museum

October 11th, 18th, 25th, & 31st - 10pm - 3am

Haunted Museum

From disembodied voices, to lights coming on by themselves, to the elevator moving up and down and opening on its own – many of the staff at the Ravalli County Museum have experienced strange things occuring in the corridors of what was once the Ravalli County Courthouse. Some experiences are explainable (and funny!) and some are not!

Experience a tour of the local Museum from a very different angle! Take a walk down the dark passageways in the basement, experience the energy of the judge’s chambers, sit quietly in the old courtroom and decide for yourself...
Are some who died long ago still here haunting these halls?

Take a break during the long evening for some divination! Rune and Numerology readings available throughout the night for an additional $5 apiece!
See evidence from previous tours
205 Bedford
Hamilton, MT 59840
Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.  Please, no one under the age of 14.  This can be a frightening experience that is not suitable for children.

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