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Each of us can sometimes get into a bad financial situation in which he needs to borrow money. And the solution to such a problem is offered by the non-banking company Good Credit, which provides online loans for employees, entrepreneurs, but also retirees.

Arranging a loan from Good Credit is really simple, just fill out a simple online form, and then you will be contacted by a Good Credit sales representative, who will arrange further details of the loan with you.

The company Good Credit, GC has been operating on our market since 2000 and is thus a proven company with thousands of clients.

Good Credit online loan


An online loan from Good Credit from 300 to 1500 USD is a non-purpose loan. So no one will ask you what you will use the money for. The advantage of this loan is that you can apply for it online and thus save time and effort.

You can have the money in your account within 24 hours of submitting the application. You can submit a non-binding application for a Good Credit loan at this address.

Online loan 600 USD for only 58.14 USD per month

Employee loan (also for pensioners and women at MD)


The loan or credit from 300 to 1500 USD is intended for people over 18 years of age who can prove a regular monthly income. It is, therefore, suitable for employees (also for those who work abroad), pensioners (retirement pension, disability pension, old-age pension, widow’s pension, orphan’s pension) but also for mothers on maternity leave.

You can arrange the loan free of charge. The maturity of the loan can range from 12 to 48 months. To obtain a loan, an identity card, a confirmation of the amount of income and a bank account statement are sufficient. A quick loan is often available within 1 day of applying online.

Business loan

Business loan

A loan for companies (but also individuals and legal entities) that need to obtain a larger amount and can provide security in the form of assets.

A business loan can also be provided to pay a debt to the state, provided from USD 1500 upwards. The amount, of course, depends on the creditworthiness of the client and the value of the security, but each application is assessed individually. The advantage of the loan is easy availability and the fact that no fees are paid in advance.

Trade loan


This type of loan is intended mainly for small entrepreneurs who need a short-term loan without collateral and have a regular income. The amount of the trade loan ranges from USD 950.00 to USD 3,650.00 and the maturity of the loan is from 1 to 48 months.

The advantage of this loan lies in its availability, as it is also available to entrepreneurs who do not report a profit in the tax return. The benefits include an individual assessment of each application and the fact that you do not need to prove any business plan to obtain a loan.

Good Credit also provides a bridging loan and a professional loan from USD 1,000 to USD 33,000 for companies and sole traders.

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