The personal loan – cheap and quick fulfillment of wishes

Saving money on fulfilling a long-cherished wish can be a great thing. But sometimes it has to go faster. Then the personal loan will get you there quickly and easily. Moving, new furniture or a wedding – what you use your credit for is up to you.

Talk to us about your wishes. We advise you fairly and responsibly. You can quickly find out whether you get a loan and what monthly installment you have to pay. The loan amount (credit transfer) is paid out quickly after the loan agreement has been signed.

Exactly on schedule

Exactly on schedule

With fixed and manageable interest rates, our personal loan is very attractive. The monthly installments remain constant during the term of the contract. No matter how interest rates develop.

That is why you can calculate precisely with our personal loan. We automatically debit the credit installments from your checking account every month.

We have no off-the-shelf credit for you. We advise you individually and take your situation into account. You will receive a loan from us that is tailor-made for you.

How long does it take for the money to be in my account?

After talking to your advisor and signing the loan agreement, the loan amount is quickly transferred to your account (credit transfer). You can then freely dispose of the sum.

Is a special repayment possible?

You can make special repayments at any time free of charge. The special repayments shorten the term of your loan.

Is there a loan calculator on the Good Finance website?

There are many savings banks that offer a loan calculator in the internet branch. There you can calculate the term, amount and effective annual interest rate online. In some cases, you can also apply for a loan directly online.

If you can’t find a loan calculator in the Internet branch, that’s not a bad thing: Your Good Finance advisor is a competent and fair contact person when it comes to loans. Discuss your financial situation with him. You will find the best solution for yourself.

Is the early repayment of the personal loan possible?

Is the early repayment of the personal loan possible?

In addition to the monthly installments, you can make additional repayments free of charge. A full repayment before the loan agreement expires is also possible at any time.

What is the maximum credit limit?

Each savings bank sets the maximum loan amount for its business area. As a rule, the maximum loan is between 50,000 and 80,000 euros.

Who gets a personal loan?

Our personal loan is currently exclusively for Good Finance customers. For legal reasons, you must also be at least 18 years old.

What documents are required when granting a personal loan?

Your adviser at Good Finance needs certain details about your financial situation before you can make the award. He will tell you exactly which one at the consultation.

Basically, the documents are about your income and your monthly expenses. In addition to expenses for rent, this also includes the installments for other loans.

What can a personal loan be used for?


Regardless of whether renovations to a house or apartment, debt rescheduling or other urgent cases: There is no earmarking for our installment loan.

That means: You alone decide what you do with the money.

Are there any other costs besides interest?

For the personal loan, you pay a monthly installment that includes interest and principal. The interest rate is constant for the entire term. If you want residual credit insurance, the one-off premium is financed together with the credit request. There are no additional costs during the normal loan term. For costs for special services, please refer to the price and service list.

Is it a problem if I have more loans from another bank?

With our personal loan, your other obligations at another bank do not play a role at first. It is only important that you can bear the monthly installments in addition to the obligations from possible other loans.

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